Taking Antidepressants

Your Comprehensive Guide to Starting, Staying On, and Safely Quitting

by Michael D.Banov, MD

Finally, a new book answers your questions about medication treatment for depression. Taking Antidepressants, by Michael D. Banov MD, a Harvard-trained practicing psychiatrist, lecturer, and researcher, is an easy-to-read, consumer-friendly resource that gives you the latest research-based information about antidepressant therapy. Dr. Banov neither promotes nor discourages use of antidepressant medication, but gives you the facts so you can determine what course is best for you. The book offers detailed and thoughtful findings and facts to help you decide whether to get on, stay on, or come off antidepressant medicine — and how to do so in a safe and responsible way.

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Michael Banov MD

Michael D. Banov MD is a triple board-certified Adult, Adolescent, and Addiction Psychiatrist and is the medical director of Northwest Behavioral Medicine and Northwest Behavioral Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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